Oct. 17

October 3, 2017 Troop 120 Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to Order (Attendance) Wendie Kuhlman, Jim Wilson, Pete Kuhlman, Randy Weisner, Paul Boggs, Billy Boggs, Adam Boggs, John Thompson, Tom Dodd


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Daniel D.) No Report at this time.


  • Training Report (Billy B.) Outdoor Training 10/13-15; Woodbadge Training 10/20-22.  Paul was checking his Youth Protection and noticed there were a lot more training courses on line than there used to be.  Billy will check to see what is available and needed.


  1. Service Projects (All)

Rise Against Hunger 10/21 (9am-12pm).  Wendie needs to know a head count as soon as possible.

Outreach to Feed Homeless; Collin’s Children Home Yard Work (March); Shore/Island Clean up; Horse Farm for Therapy


  1. Outdoor Report (All) – Idea to keep a spreadsheet of past trips with pros and cons for each.

Past –                    Table Rock (09/22-24) – Paul did not like and Adam did.  Paul – campsite on a hill with no view at the campsite itself.  Adam – Provided a good spot to do what wanted to do.  Not crowded and spread out.  Close by locally.  Great view at the top.

Future –               Camperee (10/13-15) – Ethan is the organizer (Pete is the adult assistant).  The theme is orienteering.  Our troop is in charge of height and distance.  Truck camping $10 pp plus food and gas.

Rise Against Hunger (10/21) – Meet at Ascension Episcopal Church in Seneca at 9am.  Pick up is at 12pm.  Breakfast will be provided.

Ski Patrol Victims (11/3-5) – Chase is the organizer (Pete is the adult assistant).  Need to know how many boys are going quickly and let John know.


  1. PLC Report (Ethan W.)

Old Business:  Table Rock – 4 boys went.  Fun and would do again.  Elections:  Ethan SPL; Terry ASPL; Ryan Historian/Librarian; Michael Scribe, Noah Quarter Master; Lance/Xander Den Chief; Devon/Drew Chaplain; John Webmaster; Black Dragon Brhett; Blue Beaver Noah.

Start Junior Leader Ladder (JLL).  Leaders are to wear their uniform, provide reports, show they have done something (3-4 items).  A package was handed out.

Camperee:  $12 for food.  There are 6 scouts going.  Piedmont Forestry Center.

Rise Against Hunger 10/21.

MB University 01/20 in Greenville.

Ski Patrol 11/4-5.  Possibly stop at COI to camp on Friday night.

October 28th SCUBA MB for Star and above.

Northern Tier next July – 3 slots open with another troop.

Troop 125 doing God and Life in January time frame.  We can join if interested.

Start doing 15 minutes each meeting to help clean up the hut.


  • Advancement (Alan H.) – Board of Reviews are needed for a few scouts.


  • Venture Patrol Minute (Paul B.) (Star and Above) SCUBA MB-Chase is working to schedule 10/28.  Due to doing this through a SCUBA company there will be a cost of $50.  If a scout would like to get fully certified the cost would be $295.  The scouts also to come up with a date for the Aviation MB.


  1. Patrol Advisor/Outing Coordinator (Randy W.) – None at this time.



  1. Old Business (Jim W.)

Funds owed meeting – Jim will get with Daniel to discuss outstanding funds.  This will be discussed at next Tuesday meeting between Jim, Adam, Daniel, and Paul.


  1. New Business (All)

Annual dues coming due in November – Boys need to discuss this issue with each of their patrols.  Need to talk to charter to see how much they will cover.  Adam will talk to the Fire Department.  Also, Fire Department should have another Duke check.


Fundraising – Paul will need Candace’s contact information to know who she talked to at Fatz and Zaxby’s.  Wendie will provide this information.  It takes about $1,000 to cover general operating costs for the Troop for a year.  Paul has come up with a goal of $10,000 to support all functions that are done throughout the year.


Northern Tier – Troop 45 has 3 slots available for Scouts that are interested.


There are some district nominations coming up for District Award of Merit.  This is the highest award.  It is not only for someone heavily involved in Scouts, but also involved in the community dealing with children.  Other nominations are:  Scouter of the Year, Scout Master of the Year, and Charter of Organization.  Awards are handed out in January.  Would like to represent Troop 120 if at all possible.  Nominations are due in first week of December.  Forms are located on the District website.


  • Troops Needs

Fancy Flag Pole; Towel Bar; Hand Soap for Restroom


  • Scout Master Minute (Adam B.) – Wants to re-think why we are here. Helping Ethan as a new leader of the Troop.  Keep focus on what we want to accomplish.


  • Important Dates/Info. to Remember

10/13-15 – Camporee at Piedmont Forestry Center

10/21 – Rise Against Hunger (9am-12pm)

11/3-5 – Ski Patrol Victims at Cataloochee Ski Resort

11/07 – Next Parent Meeting

11/09 – Round Table at St. Mark UMC (7:00pm)