TROOP 120 Hammocking

We want everyone to enjoy the great outdoors while getting the most out of their time in the troop.

Know before you go:
  1. A tarp must be taken to cover your hammock. (it’s going to rain)
  2. Show that you know how to properly setup their hammock & tarp.
  3. Show that you know proper ways to keep warm in a hammock. You must also know what CBS is and how it is prevented.


Here are a few knots that are very useful when hammock camping. You may find that you are without hardware (carabiener, figure-9, Dutch bling) or other quick straps (Atlas or Python straps) and a knot is needed.

  1. Marlin Spike Hitch – (wiki)
  2. Truckers Hitch or Truckie Hitch – (wiki)
  3. Prusik  Knot – (wiki)
  4. Figure Eight & Figure Eight on a Bight– (wiki)
  5. Double Fishermans Knot – (wiki)
Good advice:


Gear Guide:

Dream-Hammock Dutchware Eagle Nest Outfitters
Grand Trunk Hammock Gear Hennessy
Simply Light Tree to Tree Underground Quilts
Warbonnet  Whoopieslings  Jack-R-Better
Enlightened Equipment