TROOP 120 Hammocking

We want everyone to enjoy the great outdoors while getting the most out of their time in the troop.

Please read BSA’s Hammock Camping Policy

Know before you go:
  1. A tarp must be taken to cover your hammock. (it’s going to rain)
  2. Show that you know how to properly setup their hammock & tarp.
  3. Show that you know proper ways to keep warm in a hammock. You must also know what CBS is and how it is prevented.

Here are a few knots that are very useful when hammock camping. You may find that you are without hardware (carabiener, figure-9, Dutch bling) or other quick straps (Atlas or Python straps) and a knot is needed.

  1. Marlin Spike Hitch – (wiki)
  2. Truckers Hitch or Truckie Hitch – (wiki)
  3. Prusik  Knot – (wiki)
  4. Figure Eight & Figure Eight on a Bight– (wiki)
Good advice:


Gear Guide:

Dream-Hammock Dutchware Eagle Nest Outfitters
Grand Trunk Hammock Gear Hennessy
Simply Light Tree to Tree Underground Quilts
Warbonnet  Whoopieslings  Jack-R-Better
Enlightened Equipment